Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids

Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids

Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids

Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids

Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids
Puidust kell puzzle - 123kids
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Puidust kell puzzle

Puidust kell puzzle

KM-ta: 10€

Suuruste info
Tootekood: 5908446781017
Saadavus: 5 - 10 päeva
22cmX 22cmX 3cm


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Wooden clock with removable numbers - the child learns the bases of the clock and the letters. The clock supports counting learning. Toy decorated with paint safe for children. Wooden educational toys are characterized by special durability and are suitable for playing from the earliest moments of our child's life. They are extremely safe and pleasant to the touch. They have a positive effect on the toddler's development, improving his motility and dexterity, as well as developing logical thinking abilities. Aesthetically and naturally made, colorful wooden toys thanks to their simplicity stimulate the imagination and creativity. They are not bored, they are universal and give a lot of possibilities. By playing with them, the child also practices his manual skills. Solid, resistant to impact will serve for a very long time, giving our toddler a lot of joy.
Vanus 12m +
Pakendi mõõdud 22,5x22,5x3,5 cm
Mõõdud 26,5/20/1,5 cm
Märksõnad: Puidust, kell, puzzle
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