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Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids

Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids

Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids

Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids

Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids
Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 - 123kids
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560 45 000
 Mercedes - AMG C36 ..
Mercedes - AMG C36 ..
Mercedes GLE 63 AMG in red, with a license from Mercedes Benz. ..

51.60€ 62.40€
Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1
Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1 Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1

Konstruktor / ratas Mini 6 in 1

KM-ta: 142€

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Tootekood: 5909375422644
Saadavus: 5 - 10 päeva


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Construction kit Docyke Mini 6 in 1 This set is a great choice for the youngest - designed for children from 2 to about 6 years old. The kit includes connectors, aluminum profiles, screws and 4 wheels with a diameter of 20 cm. Childs age: 2-6 years The maximum permissible load depends on the type of construction constructed. The attached instructions illustrate the construction of 6 different vehicles. This kit does not include an electric motor or a crank with pedals and pulleys What is Docyke? Docyke is a set of elements for self-assembly, from which you and your child will build, among others, a scooter, a cross-country bike, a go-kart and much more! Its not just a toy, but a real vehicle that grows with your toddler. One gift, many possibilities! 1. Docyke Kit Contents To start playing with Docyke, you dont need to have your own workshop. In the set you get everything necessary to create cool structures: aluminum profiles, plastic connectors of various shapes, screws, nuts, wheels, necessary tools and many other parts. 2. Fun for years When your child gets bored of a built vehicle - just construct another one. If the toddler has grown out of his favorite toy - add new elements to build a larger structure, ideally suited to your childs height and expectations! 3. Build with a plan or without a plan. Get experience together with your kids by building vehicles according to the attached instructions. Do you have your own ideas? Redeem them with Docyke sets! The only limit is your imagination! 4. Compatibility All Docyke kits can be freely assembled. The elements of the set connect with M6 and M8 screws, so if you want to expand your design with non-standard elements, you can easily attach them using these screws.
5. Strength Aluminum profiles used in Docyke sets are used to build exhibition stands. This perfectly demonstrates their strength. Other elements of the set are made of plastic with increased resistance to stress. 6. For multiple use. Build, assemble and disassemble! All parts used in the Docyke set are reusable, so the fun never ends. 7. Learning and playing While playing with Docyke sets, your child will learn the basic principles of motor vehicles. Understand the role of elements such as suspension, steering, engine and battery ... Docyke is creative learning through play! 8. Build a variety of vehicles adapted to the age of the child. For the youngest will be a cross-country bike or scooter, the elderly will enjoy a recumbent bike or other muscular-powered vehicle. With the Electro Docyke kit, you can build an electric scooter, go-kart, motorcycle or other vehicles powered by an electric motor to bring fun to an even higher level. 9. Safety Both construction and play with Docyke constructions must be supervised by an adult. Make sure that the elements of the constructed structure are properly connected with each other, the screws are tightened so as to ensure adequate rigidity of the structure. 10. Write to us and we will gladly answer all your questions about Docyke sets.
Vanus  2-6 a
Märksõnad: Konstruktor, ratas, Mini
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